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Security at Sorcerertech

Here are some tips to securing your account:

  • Choose a STRONG password, preferably one that's got a few numbers in it. The password "sorcerertech" would probably take 4 weeks to crack, whereas "sorcerertech1" would take about a century to crack. (Don't use "sorcerertech1" or "password" as your password!!)
  • Always check where you put your password. For the moment, our domain is, so make sure you're not putting your password into a fake site. We'll never email you asking for your password - don't be pressurised!
  • We also own the domain , but we don't recommend that one as it is not as secure.
  • Remember to LOG OUT if you're using a public or shared computer or device, otherwise the next person to come along can steal your data!

Here at Sorcerertech, we are committed to your security. We use almost uncrackable salted hashes to protect your passwords, and use high-security passwords that would take trillions of years to crack to protect databases and files. We won't sell your email to anyone.

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